About the 'Made for You' service

Our 'Made for You' service is available on selected items which can be tailored to meet your needs. For example, if you love an item and it's offered within the service, but need it with a different finish, colour - or perhaps even with a different height, width, or depth, you can fill in and submit online form, and one of our staff will contact you via the phone number you have provided.

High Quality Materials

When buying new furniture, especially customised furniture, we understand that no detail should be overlooked. That's why our suppliers use Farrow and Ball paints on the majority of our painted furniture. You can see a colour chart on their website, here.

Farrow and Ball

Why can't I see the price, or buy online?

Once we have received your online submission it is sent to the relevant supplier, your requirements are checked and a quote obtained (valid for 14 days).You will be contacted via the phone number provided by a member of staff from one of our  five branches (service also available instore for that personal touch) to discuss any queries.It is then that you formally accept our quote, the order is confirmed and payment can be taken.A copy of your order will be  sent to you with your invoice and receipt.

We feel it is important not to overlook any detail and with the 'Made for You' service we believe this helps avoid any oversight or disappointment.