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2014 Furniture Trends: What’s Hot So Far This Year?

Incorporating the correct furniture within any home will help to punctuate its unique ambiance and vastly improve its aesthetic appeal. Obviously, styles will change from time to time and this year is no different. At What Not’s, we always strive to stay ahead of this ever-evolving curve. So, let us take a brief look at five bespoke and original trends in 2014 that will turn any house into a home. Continue reading →

The Power of Mirrors Within the Home

In this article we look at a number of ideas for the effective use of mirrors within the home. In particular, we examine how they may be used to enhance interior décor, make the most of available light and to give the impression of extra space; Continue reading →

The Role of Furniture in Creating a Traditional Look

If you want to recapture the magic of those bygone days in your home, you should probably turn your sight towards traditional-looking furniture. It is highly sought after today, with many homeowners aspiring to achieve a traditional look for their homes with the help of furniture. A traditional appearance can make a house look homely, warm and inviting, and the furniture you choose will have a huge impact on the way your house is projected. That is why we, at What Not Antiques, believe furniture is the key to capturing the perfect traditional look you are seeking. Continue reading →